Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shorter Days

Do you realize how quickly our summer has gone? In only six and a half weeks, we'll be sending the kids back to school. The days are already growing shorter, and soon we'll be wondering what to cook for Thanksgiving dinner.

A person could get a little depressed about that, especially in the Pacific Northwest, where summer doesn't really make an appearance until after the Fourth.

Do you remember March 1st, 2012 when we launched our new blog format for Smiles by Sutherland? While most orthodontists are trying to find something interesting to say about braces, Dr. Greg and Dr. Ethan decided to talk about something we all have in common -- our love for our kids.

It has been an adventure, starting a new blog with such a big change in direction. It's been hard to be so real and vulnerable when you don't really know who is reading your work. But we've had good feedback (and we'd love more!). We hope you've been blessed, that you've thought about old ideas in new ways, and perhaps challenged to try something new in your family.

And of course, no one wants to go on an adventure alone. We hoped that by starting things out with a contest, you'd all decide to join us on the blog!

Though our contest has been going for some time, there's still lots of opportunity to join in. On August 31st,  2012, some lucky person will be chosen to win 2,000 dollars off of SBS orthodontic treatment for ANY new patient. You can win for yourself, or your spouse, or for a child.

Someone has to win. It might as well be YOU!

There's still plenty of time to enter; and if you make an effort, sometime in the next five weeks or so, you can rack up as many entries as those who've been following us from the very, very beginning.

We've never run a contest this valuable before!

Each of the following activities counts as one entry. Enter as often as you wish! Just let us know what you’ve done by leaving a comment about your activity, either on our facebook page, or on our blog, or by dropping by the office with your records. Contest ends August 31st, 2012. To enter, simply:

1. Like our blog posts on facebook
2. Read the new blog and leave a comment.
3. Read the blog and become a regular follower (We post every Thursday!)
4. Leave a comment on our regular facebook posts.
5. "Share" our facebook posts on your facebook page (simply hit the "share" icon).
6. "Share" our blog links (best done as we release them) on your facebook page.

We'll do all the record keeping for you. But, you MUST be sure to let us know what you've done to help us spread the word. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the lucky winner!

Here's to the new patient!
Dr. Greg Sutherland, Dr. Ethan Larson,
(with Bette Nordberg)


  1. I love this contest you are doing- and I really enjoy your blogs :-) Hopefully I am doing everything things the right way. Is there any way for me to know?

  2. Yes the Contest is an amazing value... However, the content of this blog is very inspiring! Talk about work place apostles! So many times people think they can only serve Christ by serving in the church...but Smiles by Sutherland, so that 'secular' careers can have a profound impact for the sake of Chirst! Thank you for using your profession to glorify Christ!