Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lessons In the Rain

Not everything I learn comes from a book. Sometimes, my Dad, the God of the Universe, breaks in on my day and teaches me something that I desperately need to learn.

It happened last month.

I was supposed to attend a big event in the Sea Tac area. Dentists from all over the Northwest had converged on one hotel for what was expected to be a heated and controversial meeting. By the time I arrived, the parking lot was jammed. Every slot was full. It seemed the only way to get inside was to pull into the back of a long line and wait for valet parking. As rain pounded on my windshield, I found myself growing more and more frustrated. The line didn’t move. With every swipe of the wiper blades, my emotional blood pressure rose. No valet to be seen.

I was going to be late.

Just then, I heard it. That small, but unmistakable Voice. “QUIT GRUMBLING,” it said. “BE THANKFUL.”

I took a deep breath. As I let it out, I gave thanks for the car, for protection from the rain, for the windshield wipers. I started giving thanks out of obedience. But, as I obeyed, my attitude changed. My outlook improved. My patience grew.

And just then, a valet popped into view and tapped on my driver’s side window. “Sir, if you’ll pull to the right,” he said, “I’ll get you out of this long line of cars.” He pointed. I started the car and pulled into the front of a new line, where he took my keys. Moments later, I found myself standing on the sidewalk outside the building. Not late.

Mine was one of those divine attitude adjustments that our Heavenly Father is so famous for. And, I think, because I responded, he blessed me with a miraculous provision. (Of course it doesn’t always happen that way).

The Bible says, “In everything give thanks.” But sometimes, when it’s raining, and I’m late, and there is no place to park, I need my Dad to remind me to obey. And when he does, when He crashes in on my every day world, He teaches me a lesson I won’t soon forget.

How about you? Had any lessons from God lately? 

Dr. Greg Sutherland,
(with Bette Nordberg)


  1. One thing that comes to my mind is when I was pregnant with my 4th child (who is now one) God really showed me that I need to be thankful for the gift of a child. We already had 3 boys and went in for the ultrasound for our 4th not wanting to find out the gender. The tech had us look away as she checked certain parts on the baby so we wouldn't see if it was a boy or a girl. During the ultrasound she said "he" when refering to the baby several times and after we left I remember feeling disappointed and even sad because I really wanted a little girl. On my drive home God reminded me of some friends of ours who could not have children and another that had a child born with some abnormalities & I suddenly changed my feeling to thankfulness- for a healthy baby no matter what the gender was.

    We did end up with another baby boy and I am thankful that when he was born we felt joy instead of disappointment! I know God gave my heart peace.

  2. That daily adventure, of hearing and responding to God, maybe one of the most exciting parts of a Christian Life. It is life-changing, most often in small, sometimes nearly imperceptable ways. But over the course of a lifetime, we become someone else, someone more like Jesus and less like ourselves. Right on M!