Monday, February 20, 2012

{Who is your Valentine} 2012 Smiles By Sutherland

Thank you to all who participated in the "Who is your Valentine" contest in our office at Smiles By Sutherland. We wanted to share with you a selected few along with who the winner is :)

*Winner - A gift is not a hundred dollars for this person. Instead it is the bringing of her loved one home. My mom has undergone a lot this past year. She said adieu to her husband, my dad, for our country needed his help. Since then we've faced trials at the farm such as her traumatic indecent with the horses. In late September my mom, Christi was in the barn with me when a horse was spooked. This then caused a chain reaction to have her be trampled by horses. No broken bones and alive with a few bruises and a concussion. I thank God it wasn't me and that he placed his love and mercy around her with his angels. She gets lonesome sometimes. She wishes that my daddy was here almost as much as I do, if not more. So if we don't win, I know it doesn't matter because in just a few short months the real gift will have arrived. My dad! 

*Valentine's Day isn't about chocolate or flowers, its about showing someone you love just how much you really love them.  Valentine's Day has turned into this day where men and women are required to supply a gift for their sweetheart or their spouse.  There's a couple people who really understand the meaning of this day.  I believe my Valentine is one of those people.  Although I get gifts from my Valentine, the way I receive them makes me smile even more.  When I wake up and go to the kitchen barely awake, I notice that the kitchen table is decorated.  There are streamers and red hearts everywhere.  In the middle of the table there is a bag, naturally I grab it and peek inside.  Pulling the tissue papers out one by one finally when I get to the bottom there lies my cookie monster PJs.  These made me smile, I wanted those PJs so much! My Valentine knew what I wanted, not flowers, balloons or another teddy bear.  Knowing how much this person knows me, to get something I actually wanted made my day.  But more than anything, knowing that my Valentine spent the time to decorate the kitchen.  Because they spent the time making all the hearts made me smile even more.  My Valentine may not be Cupid, but they sure know how to make my day and that's all that matters to me. My Valentine is my Mother!
*I think my Valentine (my husband) would be a wonderful recipient of the Valentine Contest, because of his never-ending giving.  This could be a time for him to be given something in return that he has no idea about.  (What a surprise!)  My husband gives of his time to serve the citizens of Washington State with his law enforcement duties, then comes home and constantly gives to our four children and myself.  He is always there at the many games, meets, lessons, activities, etc., whether it is as a cheering fan or as a coach.  He is very actively involved in all that we do as a family - helping with homeschooling, speaking at AWANA, youth groups and retreats.  He also will always be sure our needs and wants are taken care of long before his own.  He is certain to teach the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ to our children and anyone else who he's able to share with.  He does this everyday wherever he is -  at work, the grocery store, with neighbors, teaching Sunday School, small group, or a stranger he's having a conversation with.  He knows what's truly important in life and lives his life this way!

*On Valentine’s Day, everybody remembers the people who love them. For me, one of those significant people is my dad. I believe that my dad deserves a $100 gift card because of three important things. He helps me, encourages me to do my best, and loves his family and spends lots of time with them. Whenever I need anything that my dad can help me with, he’s always there. He has taught me so many things from how to ride a bicycle, to love reading books, and how to make charts on Excel. He not only helps me with things that are great for my life here on earth, but also for my spiritual life. In addition to church, my dad works hard on fitting family devotions into our busy schedule, last year having helped in my Sunday school class, and is one of the leaders for my Junior High Bible Study. If I ever feel really discouraged, my dad encourages me to do my best. Whenever I have a soccer game, violin recital, or other important event going on, he is there snapping pictures and cheering me on. Finally, he loves his family and spends lots of time with them. When my Grandpa had a stroke and my Grandma was sick, Dad stayed with them on days when he didn’t have enough work to do at his job, despite the rising gas costs and the long drive. After my Grandma died, my dad was heart-broken. Even though he was in grief, he comforted his siblings, Grandpa, and me. That’s why I think he deserves $100 and why I love my awesome dad!

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