Monday, February 6, 2012

{Miss Brittney Henry is Back} Smiles By Sutherland

As most all of you know, Miss WA; AKA Brittney Henry went to Las Vegas to represent WA in the Miss America Pageant. We did a follow up with her about her experience and this is what she had to say :) We all know how hard she worked and what an accomplishment this is! Congrats on your journey!

Brittney Henry: "The whole Miss America experience was, without a doubt, the most incredible journey Ive ever been on! I left for Vegas on January 3rd and returned home on January 17th so it was a long two weeks in Vegas and exhausting to say the very least. We spent HOURS everyday rehearsing for the show. The pageant itself is actually 5 nights long, not just the one night that is shown on TV.

Before I left for Vegas I was feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I made the decision to not let what any of the other contestants were doing effect my focus and energy. This meant, not comparing myself to the other girls, not trying to guess who was going to do well, not worrying about who was going to win, just making sure I was putting all of my energy toward being the best competitor that I could be.

Once I got there I actually got really sick just two days in! I started antibiotics and was so thankful that I got sick early in the first week and not during the competition itself. With 53 girls, and schedules pushing exhaustion MANY girls got sick as well. I quickly reunited with some of the girls that I knew before arriving in Vegas and that made the whole week a BLAST! we spent a lot of our time laughing and enjoying each others company.

As each night of came and went, I was feeling wonderful about how I had performed. My first night was on-stage question and my question was about HOW I inspire low-income youth that a college education is for them. I felt like I gave a great answer and was able to share a little bit more about my personal experience getting to college. The second night I competed in Swimsuit and Evening gown managed to make it down the flight of stairs with no hesitation and really show my energy in swim and my poise in Evening gown. Talent was my last night of competition and the highest scoring phase of competition. My talent performance was not as good as it went in dress rehearsal butI was pleased with it! (you can see pictures from all phases of competition on my facebook- feel free to use them).

When finals night came, I anxiously waited to hear my name be called into the top 15 and I was very sad when it didn't. I had worked so hard preparing for hat moment and I really wanted to have the opportunity to compete on live television. I was worried that everybody who had came all the way to Vegas and everyone who had tuned in to see me would be disappointed. I soon found out that I was very wrong. My support team who had come to Vegas to cheer me on, were just as proud and excited for me as if I had won Miss America!

The greatest lesson I have learned from this whole process is that things don't always turn out the way we hope, but everything happens for a reason, and now the exciting part is to watch that reason unfold before our very eyes. My advice for anyone is that every failure or loss, even ones that we have been working our whole lives to achieve, bring us one step closer to finding our purpose.

Now that I have returned home to Washington (and after 4 days of no heat, hot water, or electricity) I am back to full-time duties as Miss Washington. I have 6 more months and just because I didn't win Miss America, does not mean that my job as MIss Washington is over. Its just begun! I have many school visits booked and several other fun engagements to support organizations and charities around the state.

I am so thankful that my teeth are looking incredibly beautiful and with all of the smiling and photo ops, my confidence in my appearance has never been better. Thank you to Smiles by Sutherland for giving me my beautiful smile and for the entire office always treating me like a super star!

Smiles By Sutherland: Thank you Brittney for taking us with you to Miss America, we had so much fun cheering you on and thank you for showing off that wonderful Invisalign smile :) We cannot wait to see you at the office again!

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