Friday, February 24, 2012


It's happening soon!

We're beginning a new focus here at the Smiles by Sutherland blog. Dr. Ethan Larson and I will be writing weekly on all kinds of new topics. Occasionally, posts will be related to orthodontics, of course. But the rest? Well, I think you'll enjoy the surprise we have in store.

To kick off this new adventure, we're starting a new contest!

The winner will receive 2000 dollars off  new patient treatment in our office!

So, does someone you love need a new smile? Do you have a child just waiting to begin treatment? You can win this huge treatment discount by following a few simple steps. . .

Each of the following activities counts as one entry. Enter as often as you wish! Just let us know what you’ve done by leaving a comment, either on our facebook page, or on our blog. Contest ends August 31st, 2012. To enter, simply:

1. Like us on facebook
2. Read the new blog and leave a comment.
3. Read the blog and become a regular follower.
4. Leave a comment on our regular facebook posts.
5. "Share" our facebook posts on your facebook page.
6. "Share" our blog links (as we release them) on your facebook page.

We'll do all the record keeping for you. But, you MUST be sure to let us know what you've done to help us spread the word. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the lucky winner! At the same time, we're sure you'll have fun keeping up with the latest news and refreshing content of our new blog! Best wishes, 

Dr. Sutherland 


  1. I love this contest you are doing. Haven't been in for my consultation yet, but I'm excited!

  2. MDailey, we all wish you the best of luck! Who knows, you might be the winner. Someone has to win, right? And you help us spread the good news about our great staff, and the experience of a new mahhhhhhvelous smile!