Sunday, April 3, 2011

School Tours :: February :: National Dental Health Month :: Smiles BySutherland; Puyallup Orthdontist

We celebrated over 30+ years of school tours this year. If you are not familiar with the term “School Tours” let us share with you what it is all about! During Dental Health Month (February) our Smiles by Sutherland School Tours team(s) goes to different schools to educate primary students about basic oral hygiene and how the importance of taking care of your teeth goes a long way for your health.  It is a thirty minute presentation and at the end of the presentation we provide the kids with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, disclosing tablets, something fun such as a magnet, and a brochure on some info on orthodontic options.

This year we decided to implement an interactive program with the classes that they can participate in until May; and in which we hope they will carry on throughout their entire life. The program is called a “3-B Challenge”. The 3-B’s stand for Beautiful, Before, and Brushers. We emphasized to the students that they are already beautiful (the boys had a hard time with this, they mentioned they are handsome), and one way to always remain beautiful (or handsome), is by having awesome smiles. Therefore, the Before Brushers part comes in when they brush before they go to school or after breakfast and before bedtime. The challenge is from March until May 2011. All the classes that participated in school tours this year are then put into a drawing for a pizza party!


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  3. Good thing that they have a program like this in different schools. This would remind students to maintain proper oral hygiene and get healthy teeth.

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