Monday, October 25, 2010

October 2010 :: iTouch Winner :: Smiles by Sutherland :: Puyallup,Orthodontist

Once again, the patients and families that come to Dr. Sutherland's office have gone on the world wide web and have rated our office on five different sites, which can be found off our main website  Everyone who rated the office was told to send Jeanne an email with their name and how many sites they visited. Those who did this, got their name put into the iTouch drawing this year. Last year we pulled a mom's name out of a bowl and she won the iPod, this year the winner is a patient that is new to our office. Her mom kept it a surprise when she brought her to our office. When she found out she couldn't even believe it, she had to ask twice about what she had won!  She was kind enough to let us photograph her with the iTouch along with Jeanne who is our Patient Care Coordinator! The winner is Alisha Hilt! Thank you Alisha for rating our office!

Look for the latest technology that you can win from Apple in Dr. Sutherland's office next year!

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